TopGun offers a variety of exterior cleaning services and solutions that others can’t do, therefore making us the leaders in our field.


Our fleet of three mobile vehicles and our fully trained staff ensures that all jobs are done with quality & quick turnaround times, therefore ensuring minimal disruptions to you, our valued client. We cover most areas in north Queensland and beyond.

What do we do you ask? Top Gun offers specialist cleaning services for all exteriors.


We offer almost every exterior cleaning option you could ask for, including those that are normally impossible without the specilised equipment we have access to. We offer some basic services that any client could take advantage of such as general exterior cleaning and pressure cleaning. With our equipment, we have no trouble at all cleaning multi-story buildings like hotels, apartments, and houses. Our pressure cleaning services also includes the option for hot water up to 150 degrees!

We also offer more advanced services to fit the needs of customers who typically find it very difficult to get quality help and service. We offer roof painting with a variety of colours and heat reflective options. We can also supply and install alloy mesh gutter guard and pest protection bird spikes on buildings of most sizes. We also offer Anti Slip Tile Treatments.

Need a fast response to an emergency?


We’ve got you covered. We have three mobile vehicles and access to recovery trucks that can vacuum up industrial spills quickly and safely. We also offer cleanup responses to floods and cyclones that occasionally torment the North Queensland area.

You’ll never have to worry when you have us on the job. We are one of the preferred contractors of the Queensland & Local Government, and we’ve built that reputation over years of reliable and quality service. We also offer you protections that make hiring us a safe and easy choice. We are fully insured. Ask us about our quality service guarantee! To see some previous work, view our projects gallery.

Whether you need roof painting, roof cleaning, exterior cleaning, or any other kind of commercial cleaning, we can help! We strive to be the best exterior cleaners in the Queensland area, and we spent years developing a reputation we can be proud of and you can be sure of. Call us today to talk about your project – we’d love to hear from you. CALL NOW! 40534 225

We service:

State Government
Local Council
Real Estate Agents
Body Corporates
Hotels / Resorts
and much much more!

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